Kraked Radio has finally arrived


We have guest sets lined up from 19T, Wevie Stonder, Boep, Bloke, DJ Ramrod, Peacefish, Gram, Dave Howell, Global Goon, Nesh Dj's, DJ 100000000, Con Brio & Understudy Inferior.

As well as a constantly changing selection from our resident krak merchants Mike Rak, Tizz, Mola & Distaught.


Duplo Remote (FatCat) -Beatbox blagger
Cleo-Naes Spark........Reading's very own electronica
Cdr (19-t/KRAKED AI) - 1+1+3 ........ Of 19-t fame, will be on our 1st split release with ConBrio
Puzzleweasle (Tigerbeat6/Violent Turd) -kitkat27massive .... . . . A song for bestway
Gram (underscan) : _-_oh,_fungle_it . . . . A track for his KRAKED appearance