We are hungry for demos.

KRAKED records will become a reality in the coming months (ish) so if you know anyone who makes good noise, be it techoid grooves, ambience or gabba as long as its KRAKED we will consider it.
We will be blunt if it's not for us we will tell you. Please put all contact details on the CD or MD itself cos we will loose the cover.

DO NOT SEND US TAPES, they are horrible pieces of medieval shit and will not get played as we have banished tape from our lives (well mike has anyway, if you have to send a tape send it to Tizz or Wrong).

To get an address to send tapes to email us from the contacts page.

If you send us shit (such as garage or house) we will send our own shit back to you (and it smells).........

We are also on the look out for DJs so if you have a mix down then send it to us or bring it to the next gig.