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Logarhythm : A new nationwide initiative for electronic music that KRAKED are proud to be a part of. Well worth checking.

Adverse Camber : Home of the mighty Boep.

Dj Shitmat : A man with a couple of knives short of a cutlery set >>>spazzy mashcore.

Posteverything : A really cool mail order store devoted to helping the independents.

Adaadat : Good friends and rising stars Adaadat is what the future smells like.

19-t : Simply one of the best labels in the world.

19t artists

Advanced D and D : Web radio presented by Donna Summer with archived shows, its just to fucking good.

Wheels instead of hooves : Like minded promters of electronic buffoonery.

dDamage : Its electronix with guitars, dDamage rule. ...

V/Vm : Our fav. Mancs in pig masks, with a nice new site.

Newbleep : computer game obsessed visual artists and gig promoters - evil art collective. audio-visual welding. club_of_rome.

Semiconductor films. - Brighton based audio visuals you can buy on DVD from Warpmart, featuring music from acts such as Dat Politics ... nice.

DJ Rubbish

Death$ucker records bristol madness

Rephlex Records need we say more

AI Records


benbecula records , home of electronica and avant garde music in scotland.  artists include christ., reverbaphon, frog pocket, greenbank and operator.

Cylobs site

Planet Mu wicked forum Owned and operated by Mike Paradinas ( mu -ziq, kid spatula, etc..) Planet Mu Records is home to artists like Jega, Leafcutter John, Tuskan Raiders, and many

Clean Cut Records bristol electronica

Fat Cat Records


Our very own Con Brio gameboy sequencing


Max Tundra

komotion our sister soundsystem