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Back once again for the ill behavior - at the fez, Reading




Well what can we say, thanks - thanks for making our first death show a fukin great one, thanks to Adverse Camber and Wrong, Will nailbomb and Dave Conbrio AND MR EGG, chicken core. Thanks to all that came down. That certainly put us in bouant mood for November and ........


Now if you were there in october i'm sure that you will understand that we had to ditch them soft things on the floor, well i certainly hope that will be repeated at this show, so if you want to experience a chilled out kraked get there early and reserve your cushion.

So tell your friends this will be a brillant show the man clark plays a blinder and in the rising sun you will be so close that you will be able to smell what we offered him as a free meal for his troubles.

And don't forget the final KRAKED at the rising sun will be on December 11th this is our 5th Birthday and the last ever x-mess special and we have got a treat lined up for you in the gabba legend, the breakcore boy, the dj producer and mike teknoist. Surely the best breakcore you'll see in Reading this side of ...well christmas 2005.

Welll the summer is almost over and it looks like we are going to win the cricket so surely it must be time for some more KraKed.

As we are sure you are aware this season will be our last set of monthly events at our spiritual home The Rising Sun Arts Center AHHHHH the cry comes across the ethernet.

So we have got a selection of blinders lined up for

Beginning with our

on 9th October

NailBomb Cults
DJ Scotch Egg
Ali from Toxic Dancehall
DJ Spazzmo

with visuals form Tom the musical bear

This will be a big thank you to all those that kraked has helped and all who have helped with the krak and we may have some lovely cd's for those who turn up early.

The next two gigs are a very closely guarded secret but rest assured if you miss THE FINAL THREE you will be missing the best kraked we have ever arranged we are determined to go out with a massive bang.

Thankyou so very much to the countryside alliance for july's sterling work, cheers Mully, Henry and the full crew, ta very much and sorry again

On to more pressing matters the rest of you that weren't there, i know it was hot and a sunday but i mean bloody hell we had more people in from Bristol and bloody London than from Reading, and before you say you didn't know about it the flyers and publicity have been around since may so you would have to be a bit of a blind tw@t not to have seen them.

And now in the light of the drastic no show of last sunday it seems like an opportune moment to announce our sad news.

Kraked will be five years young in December 2005, and we are going to call it a day for the Sunday sessions at the Rising sun after 480 hours of KraKed. Thank you so much to everyone at the Sun Felix and Chris and Zak and Fraggle and everyone that has played and everyone that loves our little dilapidated victorian home.

The trouble is it's just getting too much effort for not enough reward. I mean it does get a bit demoralising when you have to take a bucket round in order to pay the acts. If you can produce a list of at least 50 names guaranteeing that you will all come every month without fail, then i'm sure that we can rearrange our plans and start again, but until that point sorry.

We will be very sad to leave as i'm sure that we have all had some good times there.

BUT that's not it, we are not going to just roll over and die like an overheated muntjac. We will be continuing at plug n play and if the opportunity arises at the rising sun for four massive binges a year, and i'm sure that we will all be looking for other avenues to punt our many and varied talents.

Don't despair you still have three kraked's left till the december blow out, we are taking our annual sabbatical till october but we are planning three blinder blowouts for our final death throw shows, you fucking lucky people.

SO put those dates in the diary ......nay tattoo them onto the inside of your fucking eyelids ya bastards.

krak out


Cheers to Mike and Jess for a wicked party at the plug n play, and thanks to everyone that turned up to the sweat box, if more of you came then they would be able to afford air con


Right we have been busy over the past weeks, and we have got some really important dates for your diary

05.05.05 - Thats May 5th 2005 Election Night -- -- Kraked will be providing visual and audio support to this.

Its official, Blair has announced its a rave for Election Day!
Thursday 5th May 2005 @ Electrowerkz
Venetian Snares
Richard Devine
Solar X
Mira Calix
Global Goon

Plus sound reactive projections reflecting on the 2005 election
All music will be supported with video, images and text taken from the campaigns and manifestoes of each of the political parties, all on a subtle monochromatic background intended to represent political neutrality by the organisers. The visuals will cut and splice between movies and pictures from the official websites, campaign materials, and the billboards which have been scattered across London in the run up to 05.05.05. We will be asking all attendees to cast their votes on 5 different aspects of life in 2005, so bring a pen and some opinions!

Opening times: 9pm till 2am ---- Tickets from Ticket Web: --- --- £8 entry with proof of voting / £10 for non-voters-- - --555 @ Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street,, EC1V 1NQ

Next up

We have Leafcutter John doing some special things at kraked -Rising Sun Arts Centre Sunday 22nd May



After that we have this

With headline in the ad cam / kraked / adaadat room coming from our favorite Tim Exile (look out for an album on mu around the same time)

We are not finished with you yet

Sat June 18th

at plug-n-play , Reading

more on this later but it is all confirmed -venue -acts - and lots of krak




And as if that wasn't enough

We have the CountrySide Alliance at Kraked on Sunday July 10th

check this out
hailing from various farms across the UK, the countryside alliance crew formed in 2004 in response to the rise of urban music in high street shops and the significant lack of rural representation in music. brought together by a love of the countryside and a passion for harris tweed and breakcore, the crew are spreading like muck on the fields, and are inviting anyone who shares these interests to embark on a rural takeover.


including a couple of morris dancers


And finally we promised but it's now a reality - the first glimpse at Kraked and associated industries 001
We have distribution - lift off - all systems are going

Well it looks like we are pulling ourselves out of the early year rubbish phase, there seems to be something about 05 and disorganization at raked towers SORRY if you have fallen fowl of our shit schedule over the past couple of months, we have no excuse for not bringing you quality hardcore sunday electronics.

Anyway we are back on Sunday 10th April and we mean it this time.
Celebrating another year on the calendar for TIZZ with a set for the terminally raved Tim Exile ( hardcore ....... he knows the score ) He is absolutely brilliant to watch live and recently his fans haven't had the chance to inspect his laptop nimble digits in action because he has been tucked away on stage or in the dj booth of the gods at such premier london events as ammunition, wheels instead of hooves and Alt ctrl.

So you now have the chance to watch him live (on a telly in front of you ) at kraked.
Exile really has been creating a stir since you heard him last summer at kraked and supporting v snares in the rising sun so come and bring your pennies to purchase his ep on mu and go mega ballistic spazzzmo on a cushion.... hummm

Advanced warning of Leafcutter John on Sunday 22nd May, hopefully he going to be doing something a little bit different.

See you there

Well Kraked is another year older and we are going to try and make it a blinder ( but we are a bit rubbish as we are sure you will now understand )

Thanks so much to Robin (Hofun) for an amazing Birthday / X-mess treat, the noodles foundation rock. Also thanks to everyone who helped and played for an amazing 2004.

What have we got lined up for 2005 ??

Well we are not going to be doing much in the first month of the year as we really are getting our shit together, and we promise on Ned the kraked dog's big paws that we will have our first release on the way soon (by april or Ned is having Mike Rak for dinner ) We have got the artwork and mastering sorted so it's just production and distribution to go.

Also we are planning a special late night Kraked in Reading with Zod Records on the 18th Feb and possibly usual Kraked manouvers on the Sunday 26th at the Rising Sun.

If you have any suggestions as to who you would like to hear and see with your grubby little eyes at kraked over the 12 months then please mail us with your ideas.

But don't worry if you think you might start to get withdrawal symptoms from not enough kraked at the beginning of a long year then you can catch the Kraked Roadshow at Po Na Na Reading on Wednesday 26th, come down and get a fix.

Our lovely web site is also undergoing some major restructuring so again if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see or if you want to get involved drop us a big line of kraked



Well we got through the first kraked back after the summer and thanks to everyone that turned out it was


Big ups all round to Acroyear, Yaniv, J . Blow away sets from them all.. Nicecore
We have got a special treat for you in October and we are back to the second sunday again so it's sooner than you think....
Remember to turn up early as we think it might get a bit busy, oh and its a fiver, soz.
Also in November we have an Expanding Records Showcase and it looks like the mini bus full crew they are bringing are going to take over the entire day, we might even have to open early to accommodate all their sets.



Thanks to everyone that came to the Beachparty and the aLt conrol crew for playing
Sorry about the short notice to all those that missed it, but it was a tester event to see if we could get away with it, and we did in true kraked style, with the wind under festival pier blowing the needle off the records and the rain lashing down we carried on regardless and brought to central london BEACHCORE
Volume two available soon.

Record label (Blah blah you've heard it all before) is coming on but at a slow pace, keep demos coming it will arrive soon.
Lots of other stuff is in the pipeline but for now tell all your friends as the year gets dark again its time for some little krak treats with v.snares and circuit bending workshops to come. Keep em krakin.


Right we are taking a sabatical for the summer, so no kraked in July or August.
We will be back in September with full force electronica, but in the mean time get out and enjoy the wheather (ok if you went to glastonbury you can forget that last statement cause you have already enjoyed the outside quite enough for this year thankyou.)

But no, Kraked will be dragging all of you kicking and screaming outside again at the end of summer. Keep checking this space for news on the bandstand tour. All we can say now is that it will be in London towards the end of August and it will be in a bandstand, we can't say any more yet as kraked towers is currently a hive of activity in preperation for this years taster and next years tour.

As of September we will be running a new scheme that we would like your help with. It's the print your own poster scheme.
With all the things going on at Kraked & Associated Industries we are having trouble getting out and doing the promotion for the Reading events so if all of you that come could print out one poster and stick it in somewhere in you area that would be really cool mail us if you would be up for helping the electronica cause

Lastly thanks to Bob and Tom and Dave for our fundraiser, it would have been nice to see a few more of you punters down for the event but we really couldn't compete with euro 2004.

And one last thing tickets to Glastonbury £125. Cassette boy and Wevie Stonder at The Glade. Priceless

We are celebrating the release of our first record with a special Kraked and Associated Industries launch party. Featuring our very own Con Brio -who has a funky new site if you would like to go and have a look, why not leave him a message. Unfortunatly you wont be able to buy any vinyl at this event, but there will be a few very limited boxed CDR's on sale.

Thanks to Quinoline Yellow and Neat Little Boxes for may, this boy is going to be big. and the other boy is big with good reason.

KRAKED IN LONDON @ Daytek Electrowerx Sunday May 23rd

Line up

Techno ROom

Ben Long (Space DJz, Potential Records)
Mark Broom (Pure Plastic, King of the Snakes)
Marco Lenzi (Eukatech, Molecular)
Jeff Amadeus (Squat Records)
DJ A.N.I.M.A.L. (Blamed Records)
James Ratcliff (KSS)
Phiorio (Click, KSS)
Marc & Kaptain K (KSS)

Kraked Room

Con Brio -Kraked AI
and more to be confirmed



18th April : Benbecula records >> Greenbank live

9th May : Skam reords >> Quinoline Yellow live & Neat Little Boxes

Thanks to all for Feb and March both rockin good shows, if you missed Zod Records then we suggest you spend a months wages traveling to wherever they are playing next, it will be worth it. Addadat did us proud with a shake by the neck of a sunday session, not really chilled out but bloody good fun. Thanks boys.

As you may have noticed we have moved April's gig back a by a week. Last year we tried to spoil you with Team Doyobi for an easter weekend mash up but no body came so we are steering clean of bank holidays from now on. You fools.

Lastly some good and bad news.
The bad - Our bandstand ideas have had to be moved from this summer to next, but we will be touring next year come high winds or high water, however we are working on some festival appearances for the sunny months. We will keep you posted

The good - We have finally chosen the tracks for the 1st kraked release. It will be a double A side featuring Con-Brio and Kikki Ill, we are talking to distributors and the art work and mastering is in hand. We are not making any promises but a summer release is imminent.



Feb. 8th

ZOD records show case

This gig is going to be the NUTS !!

Zod records have picked up on some of the most exciting acts to hit the world of electronics and are one of the 1st people to introduce the world to the mighty Venetian Snares. . . .. .

Just check out the artist section on their website to see a bit of a whos who of Spazz-ma-tazz . . .. . . .. Doormouse, Fanny, Hectate, noize creator, com.a and one of KRAKED best buddies Duplo Remote.

Below are a couple of reviews the press have written about the label (they can write it up better than I ever could!)



What does it mean, in electronic circles, to be the abstract sound of Milwaukee? Brechtian beer song? A genuine industrial roar? Close. That town's Zod Records -- most famous, at first, for releasing speedy-Skinny Puppy-like stuff from Canada's Venetian Snares -- is notorious for using dark hyper drill 'n' bass sounds at its root and improvising from there. Label bosses Ben Derickson (Curtis Chip), Sam Derickson (Destro) and Tom Wincek (Emotional Joystick) make and release hard-hearted compilations like Zod.01 (starring themselves and locals like dance-noirists Doormouse and Fanny), EPs by Emotional Joystick and Chip's tremulous 200-bpm thunder-clapping full length CD. (Destro's Zod.Mix.02) stars angular avant smoothies Aphex Twin, Zipper Spy and Photek atop Zod's usual suspects. Emotional Joystick tends to be melodic and moody, draped in lustrous strings and curving rhythmic punctuation while Curtis Chip zips between death drone and puerile punk. Zod night at the Rotunda should be fun, fast and imaginatively fertile.

by A.D. Amorosi





from: absorb

to simply write off zod as strictly a hardcore label would be a tremendous insult. sure, in most of the records they've put out, they've utilized the intensity and aggression; the successful elements of break-core, but it goes way beyond that. each release has incorporated elements of emotion and talent deeply imbedded in the wax, creating yet another crossover genre that hits hard, quick, and leaves a bruise. we're going to take the time to discuss some of their releases, and point out the sheer brilliance that accompanies their records. while still a relatively small label, their notoriety is increasing all the time, and they are currently set to blow the fuck up. so set your alarms, y'all don't want to sleep on this any longer. kneel before.. zod!!!!

the bottom line is, anybody that's feeling the recent planet mu output of venetian snares, doormouse, and hellfish, need to look deeper and find out what's coming out of zod. never a dull moment, realness kept to the fullest. the potential of this label is infinite, they are doing now what skam and planet mu did with their early releases, and there is no reason that with some more exposure, in a few years time zod can be at the forefront of the new electronic revolution.

by philip raffaele





Over the years, many characters have assumed the name Zod, most notably an evil, Gobot-mangling dinosaur and General Zod from Superman II. Any suspicions, however, that Zod the record label might be linked to ‘80s kitsch are dispelled after hearing the first five seconds of their debut full-length. Far from accessible, the musical style of Zod is evil and uncompromising, perfect for peeling paint off your bedroom walls. The debut, a compilation of sorts, sees them showcase material from staple label artists Emotional Joystick, Venetian Snares, Destro and Doormouse. What makes this debut stand out are the 200 BPM jungle drum breaks with odd time signatures that form the backbone of this angst-filled album. Similar to the Midwest label Ambush, (sic) Zod releases hardcore beats and a hyperactive mishmash of styles that is far removed from anything as glossy and over-produced as what currently passes for drum & bass.

Zod founder Sam Derickson’s affection for records (the black circles with grooves) is also another link between his label and Ambush. (sic) But in a time when the vinyl-only industry is in a bit of disarray, it’s unusual to come across a label that made a name for itself by releasing actual 12"s and did so with fetishistic fashion. This isn’t to say that Zod has particularly sought to appeal to DJs looking for the latest dancefloor trance anthem. Rather, Zod has wonderfully grown by moving beyond their early hard-hitting, atonal tracks and into more sympathetic, successive efforts from artists such as Curtis Chip. Like Aphex Twin, Chip matches purely electronic basslines and synthetic components to beats that are closer to mellow hip-hop than apocalyptic jungle, creating a sound that is less fist pumping and more introspective.

Bostonian Soplerfo’s soon-to-be-released album takes an even more personal look into experimentalism. The new album, EP For Dogs, adds depth and temperamental-ism by incorporating melodies to the now familiar Zod chopped breakbeat sound. He also shatters the barriers between conventional and freeform composition, and in the process, helps Zod bridge the gap between being a hardcore jungle label and a respected avant-garde juggernaut like Warp or Schematic. It’s unclear what, exactly, makes the Midwest a current haven for such skewed beat-fiends, but one thing is for sure: Schlitz isn’t the only thing helping to make Milwaukee famous.

by Andrew Schrock






Jan is being taken over by AI Records and we are already gettin' em loaded up for 2004. With a Zod records showcase and an Adaadat Mash up as well as acts like Quinline Yellow (skam) we really are spoiling you.

Kraked the more you do it the better it gets.



11th Jan : Ai Records >> Normal and Yellowtone Live

8th Feb : Zod records >> Emotional Joystick, Binray and Curtis chip live

14th March : Adaadat records >> Donna Summer and Ove Naxx live

11th April : Benbecula records >> Greenbank live

9th May : Skam reords >> Quinoline Yello live (TBC)

June >>If all goes well the KRAKED band Stand tour<<

Thanks to all that came down to our 2nd birthday bash Dj Rubbish and Semiconductor films. It made christmas worth it.

Please note that Novembers gig is going to be a sell out.

There are no tickets and the place is small >> first come first served . .. . .

More good news . . . .. . . Semiconductor films will be joining DJ Rubbish and Barry (barry's bootlegs) for our

X-mess special. Please check out their website ::: . these guys are masters of their art.

Which you can buy on DVD from Warpmart, featuring music from acts such as Dat Politics ... nice.


Well fuck me with a flower heres yet more fantastic news . . .

DJ Rubbish and Barry (of barry's bootlegs fame>the people who gave us cassetteboy) are going to be playing our

2nd birthday/x-mess special.

Dec 14th.

NEWS JUST IN. . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . HELLFISH ADDED TO OCT. LINE - UP

Oct 12th




And possible, mega guest TBC

This one, like Nov. will have to be £5 on the door so we can cover costs, sorry!

Get there early for this one, it will sell out.

Cylob update -- - --- - -14th september @ kraked
Harry Eveleigh has been added to the bill....


Bogdan Raczynski and Astrobotnia Live
>Plus DJ Rephlex Records
>1st November
>Clwb Ifor Bach, Womanby St Cardiff CF10 1BR
>Info: 02920 232199
>Tickets: £5
>2nd November
>Kraked presents at
>The Rising Sun arts centre, Silver st, Reading
>Support: Mikerak, Tizz, Dis-taught, Mola
>Tickets: £5
>3rd November
>Ghetoblast presents at
> Sub Space 11 Wakefield Street, Manchester. M1 5NP
>Info: 0161 236 4899
>Tickets: £5
>4th November
>V3ctor presents at
>the brudenell social club, queens rd. leeds 6
>tuesday november 4th. 2003. 8pm start
>tickets: £6 / £5 (concs.)
>5th November
>No-Fi presents at
>newcastle university, kings walk, newcastle upon tyne, ne1 8qb
>Info contact: For University: Credit Cards: 0191 261
>2606, 0191 263 5000 Info line: 0191 239 3926#
>6th November
>Transmission presents at
>Henry Wood Hall
>Tickets: £5
>7th November
>Transmission presents at
>Bongo Club
>Tickets: £5
>8th November
>Capsule presents at
>Custard Factory
>9th November
>Deselect presents at
>Moog Bar, Newdigate Street Redford
>Tickets: £5
>11th London
>Lumin presents at
>Tickets £8
>12th November
>Slow Magazine presents at
>KAFE DA Bedford Street
>tickets £5
>13th November
>Pedestrian and Pause2 present at
>thekla, east mud dock, bristol
>Tickets: £5
>14th November
>Bad Timing presents at
>The Boat Race, 170 East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1DB.
>Info (01223) 508533
>TICKETS: £5 advance/£6 door
>LOCAL SUPPORT: Ascoltare (Tripel)
>15th November
>Plankton presents at
>Braunstone Gate

>New Releases:
>Rephlexions compilation Out November 17th
>Bogdan Raczynski - renegade platinum dance attack party: don the plates
>will be. Out September 8th
>Cylobotnia Out October 6th

MikeraK : Chart 26.8.3


1. Ochre : sound sytem Bangers Vol.1 > repeat music
2. Rdc : RdeC > rdc (aka CDR of 19-t fame)
3. Bogdan Raczynski : renegade platinum mega dance attack party: don the plates > rephlex
4. Utabi > cdr demo of forth coming album on adaadat/19-t
5. Exillion : 3 part mix for KRAKED > unreleased demo
6. vector sqkvaaar > unreleased demo
7. ?? : shootthewarpigs >satanic mashups
8. various : new town lp > Ai
9. Octavcat : siamese Ep > Blacknight Records
10.Gimmik : Back to basics > toytronic
11. Greenbank : rotating the square > benbecula records

Next month we are spoiling you lucky lucky punters with a slab of rephlex action . . .. . . . .

We present you with CYLOB.

Sunday September 14th


Check out Cylobs site for samples of the New cylobotnia album, a colaberation between Cylob and Astrobotnia.

Proper Good.....

Check out some forth coming KRAKED related gigs : : : : : : :


25th July: woooohmad
The Kraked soundsytem will be ripping up the Plug n Play studio Reading as part
of the womad festival after party.

2nd Aug: adverse camber (ConBrio + me)
see above

8th Aug: new bleep (ConBrio

NEW BLEEP level 6:
Another night of sound installations, audio reactive visuals, gameplay & whatever......
291 gallery............,,,,,,,,,,,,...
291 hackney rd, E2..........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8th of august..............,,,,,,,,,,
8pm to 2am......
entry: £5 b4 9pm, £8 after

all acts will be presented by Gwem!

hellfish LIVE (planet mu, deathchant) UK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,............///..........
chevron LIVE (planet mu) UK;;;,,,,,,,,,...........//........
cow-p LIVE ( adaadat, 19-t) JP......>>>
somadril LIVE (new Bleep) UK...............................................//
amatuer LIVE (fakey2/melange) UK''''''''''''''''''............<<</.............
ommm LIVE (adaadat,19-t) UK..............////
romvelope LIVE (adaadat) SCO,,,,,,,,,,,,'''''''''',,,',,
conbrio LIVE (kraked) UK......,,,,,,,,,,,,///
james baker HDJ (clever music) UK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...........
shooting game speacial
(from several consoles or emulators) + New Bleep & beat 13 GL tron
+ New Bleep Doom
+ more....

russell haswell HDJ (mego/warp) UK..........////////
icarus LIVE (leaf/parnasus) UK...............................,,,..>>>
miu LIVE (melange) JP.......................>???
dogs LIVE (fakey2) UK..........>>>
dubsock + g-horse + lazy susan LIVE (new bleep) UK/JP...........\\\\\.......
semiconductor films UK,,,,,,,,..............////////
greypetcat (adaadat) UK,,,,,,,,,,,.................................\\\\\\\\\\\
uz (new bleep) UK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,\\\\\\\\
beat 13 UK,,,,,,,,,.............''''''''
beflix UK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,........'''''''''''''''''''//////
statica UK......................>>

IN THE BAR : DJ battle
jim backhaus DJ (kosmische/resonanceFM) UK''''''<<<<<<<
django DJ (worm interface) UK,,,,,,,,,''''''''''
rocket DJ (worm interface) UK........................
prophane DJ (moonpalace) UK''''''''''...........\\\\\
stayhome DJ (plug) UK..............''''''''
Ho-Fun Department of Audio Visual Research (noodles fondation) UK........//////

IN THE BONUS ROOM : the electrionics bazar
interactive installation by bradford bahamas (the foundry) UK

9,10,11th Aug: fashion show : more detail to come, Kraked sound sytem

17th Aug: KRAKED -
This month is a squat sampler special ft. ConBrio and Gram from the now infamous KRAKED cd.


The next gig is going to be the best we have ever put on as we are playing host to Wevie Stonder, I have dreamed of this moment since we started doing this thing!

More good news on the prgression of the goodship KRAKED. Donna Summer has been playing out tunes from the Squat Sampler on his radio show. Including 'push my buttton' by our very own ConBrio. You can hear the show HERE . I recomend checking out the rest of the shows, Donna Summer rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here it is folks -----KraKedRadio---- Finally we have managed it.
Check out the audio section to see up coming guests and please feel free to mail us with your comments, we are new to this game so any suggestions on how to improve the quality will be very gratefully received.

Also if you wish to have a set broadcast send us your demos and keep listening.

Ok here we go . .. . .. .. ..

The News section is now going to be my (MikeraK) baby. I have just learnt the basics of how to do all this techy stuff! So expect loads of spelling mistakes and rambling. And maybe a few record reviews n charts. I am not an English teacher so my reviews will probably be a bit shit and basic but its worth ago eh?

Gotta say thank you to Team Doyobi for an amazing set, if you missed it I am afraid you really missed out. Alex and Chris joined the audience and set up on the floor! With 2 laptops, 2 Amiga's, 2 old b/w TV sets and a pile of odd boxes. They played top-notch crunchy electronics, most of which was from the new album. An album that looks like it could easily be their best work yet. Pictures will be up on the site soon, although we couldn't record the set to feature on KRAKED radio, as it was all unreleased material, fair enough really.

Next month (May 11th) we have the one and only GLOBAL GOON playing live for us. He will also be playing lots of material from his new album; the eagerly awaited follow up to Vatican Nitez. If you caught his set at city[Esc] you will know that's this gig is going to be something very special.


The Goon will be supported by the Bristol based Cean Cut records, who will be giving us some live action aswell as wax spinning antics. it looks like these boys are going to be a label to watch,,,,, you mark my words.

STOP THE PRESS. . . . . .. . . .. .. KRAKED team up with logarhythm a new nation wide initiative to promote live electronic music:

Drawing together, via a co-operative network of some of the most innovative independent promoters, artists and labels, and sponsored by THE ARTS COUNCIL OF ENGLAND, LOGARHYTHM aims to readdress the balance between the UK1s pool of pioneering and creative talents, and the under representation of electronic music, particularly in the live arena, with a series of events, workshops, tutorials and concerts that will serve as a focal point for the UK's electronic music scene.

With a bold approach, not only to staging music events but also to exhibiting the work of up-and-coming visual artists, LOGARHYTHM will also provide potential promoters with training in the areas of funding, fund-raising, marketing and promotion, as well as offering advice, discussion and seminars on the core technologies of electronic music. In addition, each event will also offer rare and exclusive vinyl and CDs for sale.

Allied to these live events, and supporting LOGARHYTHM's aims and activities will be an ever-changing communication hub and forum -

The tours that we are involved with will be in November and December. : : : :

Mirroring the whole ethos of LOGARHYTHM, the Nov. tour will feature BOGDAN RAZYNZCKY and OVUCA from the awesome REPHLEX label. The tour will also include special guest DJs, including likely sets from APHEX TWIN and LUKE VIBERT.

By the end of the year, with a tour from AKUFEN and SND, LOGARHYTHM hopes to have broadened, redefined and helped expand the UKs bourgeoning electronic music scene. There will be a further series of tours, workshops and seminars in 2004, by which time LOGARHYTHM should be firmly established as an authoritative, interactive and helpful vehicle for the UK's electronic community and beyond.

This is going to be amazing, and it will sell out. KRAKED regulars will be able to buy special upfront tickets. If you wanna get into these gigs you best become a face!!!!!! Mail me to find out more.



Did someone mention the BIG DIRTY SQUAT PARTY ? ? ?? ? ? ? ???? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??


The next few kraked's should have you filling your boots with cream

March 23rd: Knifehandchop (tigerbeat 6)
April 20th:  Team Doyobi  (Skam)  Bank holiday late night special
May11th:   Global Goon  (Rephlex)
June 8th:   Digitonal, Peachfish, Seed Dj (Seed records)
July 13th:  Weavie Stonder (Skam)

Thursday 6th March
A monthly fixture of Life Injected Electronics, Hip Hop Beeps + Intriguing Mutations.

This months special guest:
A fat cat Records Special - Duplo Remote (Live) + Dave Howell (DJ)

Residents Mola (R e s p o n s e) + MikeraK (Kraked) will be filling in the gaps for the rest of the night.
Admission: Free
Venue: Bridge & Tunnel, 4 Calvert Avenue, London, E2 7JP
Doors: 8pm-1am
For more info email:

Well what a surprise Feb. was with a gameboy pimping set from DJ 100,000000.

To be honest he was fucking brilliant.

Expect to hear more from Adaat and 19T, we will keep you posted. Cheers boys !
Thanks also to Dave Howell for providing a suitably kraked backdrop to the madness of DJ 100,000000

We know have over 12 hours of music for kraked radio so it's time, yes we know we keep saying this but we have just been weighing up our options on the best service and i think we have made a decision.

Dedbeat has been and gone for another year and the kraked office is considering hibernation. What a fucking blinder.
For anyone that missed out on Venitian Snares and Hellfish in the Planet mu & Reflex mash up we can only offer our condolences. Fools you should have got a ticket.

And we also offer our sympathies to our sister gig City [Esc] who's first gig did not go according to plan. The power was cut at the bridge and tunnel on the night of their debt. Back again on the 6th of Feb..



Thanks to Ned and Tom from Nesh for comming down last month, and apologies for the lack of cushions. Sorry, normal service will be resumed on the ninth.

It's a busy month for Kraked in Feb with the launch of City [esc] at the bridge and tunnel in London, Kraked residents Mike Rak and Mark Flip will be hosting the first in hopefully many electronica missions with Kraked Recordings own Con Brio on the 6th of Feb.

Also if you want to make a weekend of it Haywire have a massive night on the 7th @ the fortress II and what better to end off the party but kraked with Dave Howell from Fat Cat Records making his return to the kraked control room along with a very special live guest ???? thats as much as we know on the ninth .

Also don't forget the return of dedbeat at the end of feb

Keep a eye on the audio section we have six hours of live krak which we are swiftly editing to bring you Krak Radio available soon on live 365.



Firstly we must apologise for the lack of updates last month, this was for a number of reasons ntl (wankers), V/Vm, and the kraked Cd.... Read on to find out more

Before we properly begin can we just say thanks to V/Vm for december, Con Brio and National Forest as well as all those who came to our kraked new year. Happy New Year

The KRAKED CD was launched for our birthday gig in december and was a massive success, we are nearly out of our first run and it looks as if we are going to have to re-press. If you want a copy (just £6) we will be bringing them to all the recomended nights about town, Dolly Mixture, R e s p o n c e, automated engineers etc. and you can order one form us at kraked and associated industries by clicking here.

Miss the last KRAKED, well you missed an event that will become nothing less than urban legend. The pig boys V/Vm gave a very eeerrr interesting performance that consisted of butchered dance floor classic blaring while the boys thrashed about on stage. We fukkin loved it, as did most the audience.
However some didn’t quite understand what we had unleashed and wanted their money back. HA HA HA HA HA.

There was a great deal less carnage than there has been at their last shows, i.e. no fights, computers smashed, smoking speakers or jack-in-a-boxes set on fire, but we did loose a mic. Stand, God bless its soul. It will forever be known as a martyr.

Check the photos in the visuals section to understand just how mental it all was…

For those of you who don’t know we had the blessed job of taking the lads out on the piss on Saturday night. We were asked to take them to a place where they could have a late drink surrounded by ugly women. So obviously we took them to ‘the legendary’ After Dark club for an 80’s disco party………….. They loved it. In fact they were so impressed with Reading’s shit night life they wanted more so much so THEY PAID for us to go to the Matrix. Needless to say an avin’ it night had by all.

Thanks to Andy and James and Tim for making our birthday a banger. ie a pig sausage

Oh and if the girl with the brown top and long brown hair who was stood at the front of the crowd for the whole of v/vm's show would like to get in contact the boys have a special gift for you


News Flash.......

Dedbeat has been postponed until the end of Feb, and unfortunately SKAM will not be appearing
There are some very unhappy faces in the Kraked office.

However beat those blues by catching J Saul Kane ( Depth Charge ) at Plug n play on the 25th of Oct thanks to R E S P O N S E

You can also have a dedbeat feeling in your stomach for Matt Carter @ the next Kraked, we are very proud to be hosting his record label launch party. Expect some quality Slump madness from Mr Carter on Nov 17th.

Also Kraked sound system will be in London ( Hackney ) on 26th call 07941 96 3330 for details on the night or mail for more details


Well thanks to everyone that turned up for our fundraiser, and thanks also to our two stalwarts Cleo (who rocked like we have never seen) and Con Brio (who made a stunning and mouth watering live debut). We can honestly say that if thats the calibre of the music we can expect from Kraked records we can't wait.

Which brings us nicely onto our next point, it's our birthday soon and to celebrate we will be releasing an exclusive compliation CD featuring some choice kraked cuts click here for more info.



Con brio now has a web site go and check it out NOW !


MAX TUNDRA rocked KRAKED like we aint seen before.
Never did we think we would see the day when we had the slumped masses dancing.

And it was all down to his freak out show.

It featured an array of keyboards that you probally had when you were five, a hammond organ and a gameboy. Yes that right Max spaked out behind his equipment making a song from nothing but a very old school gameboy.

But it was his mad capped thrusting and love for what he does that got the crowed whipped into such a frenzy. And last but not least his sister Becky's heavenly voice really made this a KRAKED not to forget.

If you were wondering the cover that he did of Paul Mccartney will be the B-side of the forthcomming single.

And if you are interested in buying Nanoloop, the gameboy cart. used to make MAX's crazy assed tune you can order it from

We also need to say cheers to Mark Flip (lunch-boy) for staying as long as he could..........

Next Kraked will be a kraked records fundraiser with Cleo and Dave Millar, two of the first signings to the kraked stable.
Check out the audio section to have a sneek preview

Also dates for the diary are Dedbeat on 8th, 9th & 10th November 2002, featuring Planet Mu, Skam and Reflex, oh and some quality hip hop.

And rumors of a yet another R E S P O N S E special on the 25th of Oct featuring some Haywire boffins.
That's a busy weekend for Kraked as we will be teaming up with Delta-9 in London for an electro bash on the 26th.
More details soon.


Saturday 7th Sept: Brain dancin' at the Plug n Play.
KRAKED second roomed at a mighty Responce night. Mike Dred, K-Rok and a couple of the Rephlex label bods kept the place rockin till 5 in the morning. Those who stayed till the end would have had the pleasure (misfortune) to see a completly cunted Mikerak attempt to use a pair of turntables. As well as a fine electro half hour by Tizz.
A good night had by all.


After getting nominated 5th best club in th country in DJ mag, last month we thought we were at the pinnacle of our sucess until were offered the talents of Max Tundra.

Now we are getting excited. It will be fully live, playing stuff recorded for the fantastic new album on Domino and some other bits from the days at Warp. Hopefully thrown into the brew will be some of the kid 606 inspired work on violent turd records (Missy Elliott never sounded so good).

Thanks to National Forest for coming down in August what a blinder. Hopefully we will be seeing big things from them soon.

Other dates for the diary are 17th August for the private krak garden party, 10pm till ultra late mail for invite

Sat 30th August Squat Juice a revolution in outdoor free parties. All the rigs will be playing completely different styles.
R U tired of walking past 10 rigs all playing the same thing then come to Squat Juice mail for details

Sat 7th of Sept is R E S P O N S E @ Plug and Play. Krak TV will be on an outing providing visual madness for non other than the Reflex Disco assult sound system in 2 rooms. we can't wait....................................

Then we can't forget KRAKED this month on the Sunday 22nd of September

Thanks very much to Chantal for playing at the last event it was a blinder, thanks also to all those who supported us and came out and got kraked.

All this success means that we have got some treats lined up over the the next month,
We will be doing Plug and Play studios on the 27th of July
Kraked with National Forest a full live band from faith and hope records on sunday 11th august
A private function in the London Road area of Reading. The annual Krak garden with all the thrill of krak yet in a more homely setting. Sat 17th August, come to krak or mail for invite

Kraked in September will be massive we have a very special guest
And in also September we hope to go out on the road again.

This month we've got Mira Calix from Warp down to play. Need we say more
Click here for more info

Thanks to all who came down for the Fat Cat special, more from them soon, and thanks to Dave Howell and Duplo who had some fine Krak for us all to enjoy.

Well we certainly did have a lovely weekend.
We'd like to thank komotion for helping us out and letting us team up with them,
and of course the Queen for making it all happen.

If you missed out on the party do not dispear.....
We will be out and about in the countryside of the UK very soon, probably around the time of a rather large well know festival.

Another thing to look out for this month is Response later this month @ Plug and Play in Reading, more details soon.

Pictures of the party are comming but meanwhile have a look at the local news